>> To fight against Xenophobia in Africa.

>> Border free Africa.

>> Visa free Africa.

>> Uniform African Currency.

>> To promote cordial relationship between the African Countries.

>> To promote African Culture, Tradition and Heritage.

>> To integrate ourselves and avoid western intimidations.

>> To exchange experiences of trade and craftsmanship.

>> To promote import and export relations amongst African Countries.

>> To assist government in fighting crimes.

>> To help in procurement of jobs and business opportunities and investment in Africa.

>> Facilitate access to key decision makers in South Africa and African Countries.

>> Facilitate access to information that keeps members abreast of relevant industrial trends in South Africa and African Countries.

>> Industry representation on relevant, identified and influential bodies such development agencies and government.

>> Facilitate access to business opportunities to members through participation on committees that influence the industry.

>> Provide opportunity to take part in consultative forums. 

>> Facilitate Access to industry related information that has been interpreted on behalf of the members.

>> Facilitate access to advice, support and services that promote investment interaction.

>> Provide possibilities to attend relevant networking opportunities.

>> Facilitate access to legal and contractual guidance.

>> Provide guidance on doing business in South Africa and African Countries.

>> Facilitation of business transactions between South Africa and African Countries. 

>> To assist government in fighting crimes.

>> Facilitate access to conferences and other events.