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African Royal Kingdoms Federation

African Royal Community-ARC Federation Security Task-Force I – III Knights


The CCS was established in the year 2002 under its Commander-And-Chief HRM King Salomon Francis David Kelechi Nwaneri II, the AKF-ARC President a Royal and former Airforce Squadron Leader whom was coronated in 2014 as the Paramount Chief of Africa.
His Royal Majesty as an Egypt descendent lines Nubian Royal of West, Central and Southern Africa shared paternal and maternal sides Crown Royal ancestry respectively of the lines of Kings, understands the need for well-trained structured high-level security within the Nations and Kingdoms regions and with focus as Royal Task-Forces combating crime in support of stable development.
With tension within many Southern African Nations and Kingdoms regions on the rise, the services offered by CCS direct from the Kingdoms securing its residential and business clients, lands, businesses, homes, person and so forth, cannot be underestimated.
As an integral part of the in 2000 formed African Kingdoms Federation-AKF royal community, CCS was in 2018 integrated with ARC SWAF South-Africa within the AKF highest echelon of Federation continental royal governance. With accent on Kingdoms internal crime combat by jobs creation within all sectors of kingdoms internal security, and Task-Force I-III sector’s needs, this,
as primary royal service center for all Kingdoms and Kingdoms lands internal private and business community.
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Federation Task-Force I – III

And Command


Federation CCS-Crime Combat Security Task-Force I of III Federation Knights Units - Federation Task-Force I is of the direct command
of the Office of CCS Commander-And-Chief His Majesty the King the Paramount Chief of Africa, and oversees the external and internal security affairs of Task-Force Units I-III.
Federation Task-Force II – III are of the Office of Her Majesty the Queen of Sheba the Imperial Head of Federation.
Federation Task-Force II Knights are the Federation PVIIP Development Agenda Administrative Task-Force, whilst Task-Force III Knights are the Federation Royal Governance Africa internal and international Federation-FOS Imperial Knights Ambassadors of the AKF-FOS ARC.
The planned security, policy and protocols training which is mandatory for Federation Task-Forces I-III, will be done in all Royal Kingdom Communities across the board and will be represented by royals, retired defense force personnel, skilled civilians and youth (male/female).
This training is mainly for transferring of skills and minimizing crime in the communities by creation of jobs in order to alleviate poverty in the Continent as a whole and play a role in the economy of our countries.
This will be intensively driven by managed discipline process however softened by a participative management style, a beneficial reward system and various incentive programmes.
This ensures that the relationship with our guard forces/TF Knights is a give-give relationship guided by our policy.
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Queen Shebah III The Queen of Sheba-AKF ederation

Queen Sheba III

Queen Shebah III is the head of the ARK-African Royal Kingdoms (MENA /Africa) Nubia-Sheba AKF-African kingdom Federation of South Kingdoms, the Kingdoms Crown IHF NGOMG and Vice-Chairman of the Arab-African Nations Council for Integration.
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ARK Summit of Thrones of KINGS, 2019

African Royal Kingdoms-ARK First Royal Gathering with the inclusion of related lines from all 5 Continents and Private sector to launch an incredible agenda led by the Ancient Kingdoms Thrones.
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