Interview between Swaf Personnel and Mbali Mvelazi

Date: 12 August 2017

Venue: 68 Boven Avenue, Leachville Brakpan 1541, Johannesburg, SA

Swaf Personnel: What is the name of the event?

Mbali Mvelazi: It is called uMemulo ceremony

Swaf Personnel: What is the meaning of this ceremony

Mbali Mvelazi : When one reaches 21 years old a key is given to the young lady because the parents are proud of her that she has been a Virgin till the age of 21

Swaf Personnel: Are you a Virgin? if yes state the reason why you are wearing like this?

Mbali Mvelazi: Yes I am a proud Virgin at the age of 17. We wear traditional clothing to symbolise our culture and that we are Virgins

Swaf Personnel: Do you see yourself being naked or it proves a point to African Tradition?

Mbali Mvelazi: No l am not naked. It is the way we supposed to we wear during uMemulo ceremony. It proves that we are proud of our selves not every female is a Virgin therefore we are proud of our bodies

Swaf Personnel: Now that a 21 year old Virgin is being celebrated today, would you like this legacy to continue?

Mbali Mvelazi: Yes I want this legacy to continue because it reduces pregnancy in the Southern African Countries

Swaf Personnel: Thank you for explaining the uMemulo ceremony